WordPress Beginners training over a period of 3 months with 24 sessions.

WordPress Advanced training over a period of 6 months with 16 sessions.

Ongoing Masterclass training in the fields of E-Commerce, GDPR, and SEO.

Outcome: Responsive multi-page website with slider, team and services presentation, Podcasts & YouTube channel integration, e-Commerce & event management solutions, Newsletter & Patreon integration, and contact form.

Acquired skill-set: Technical setup of web servers, WP CMS, E-Commerce modules, a payment gateway, security measures, and troubleshooting

Future benefits: cost & time saving, technical control & autonomy, owning of intellectual property

Student Details

Student: Heart Essence

Category: LadyCoaching

Website: heart-essence.com


Alexandra McGregor
Alexandra is an autonomous, very well-organized student and “mom-preneur”, who went over and beyond to turn her imagination of building her own website into a reality. Alexandra’s mission of helping people re-establish their innate connection with their inner guidance system is her main driving factor for accomplishing an amazing website.

As a heart whisperer and soul activator, Alexandra internalizes how she can optimize her website and at the same time bring forth her expert services of transformation, healing and manifesting. With the help of our training program, her journey started by conceptualizing her website requirements and encouraging her to step into the role of the client & the supplier to have a holistic view of the entire website.

Alexandra is yet another concrete proof that anybody can accomplish whatever they put their hearts and minds to. Her passion has contributed a lot in her urge to learn WordPress, HTML and CSS coding. We are proud to have sparked her interest in web development and will curiously follow her professional growth path.

Acquired skill-set

Alexandra acquired profound knowledge to cover all technical requirements for a successful WordPress installation and gained an overall understanding of the digital world wide web with topics such as static HTML vs. dynamic CMS websites, database & FTP account creation, mail/web server settings, and troubleshooting error messages, newsletter integration, E-Commerce, and shop management. She even surprised us with a Patreon integration, which showcases her autonomy.

Future benefits

Alexandra is continuously working to accelerate her business, services, and digital space. She has taken full control over all changes and updates. She has the power and ability to create plenty more WordPress websites, upgrade her current website with more functionalities and has gained invaluable technical experience, which equips her to analyse technical requirements for different types of digital solutions. Parallel to her website development, Alexandra received extensive exposure on her YouTube channel and was able to drive significant traffic to her website, something remarkable for a prospective founder.


Selling web & graphic design services to clients is a great source of inspiration but teaching clients the science of these services and empowering them to take on these challenges themselves, is an even greater inspiration and creates bonds that go beyond a project’s life cycle.

We at SanazGroup create bonds for a lifetime and are proud to see the seed growing into a flower, a tree and ultimately a forest!

Become a student and create your own website in no time!