Scope: Relaunch of the La Rome de Julie website to a state-of-the-art responsive platform, while ensuring the migration of previous website content.

Features: Responsive multi-page online business presentation with animated slider, mosaic services, category tour pages with filters, custom tour pages with Google maps integration and image gallery, blog integration, and testimonials.

Complexities: Due to the SEO algorithm update “Mobilegeddon” search result rankings were compromised even for content-rich and regularly updated websites, hence a relaunch was inevitable while maintaining the current rankings, look & feel of the previous design, and overall concept of functionalities, which were all cherished by the client and her customers.

Client benefits: Cost & time-saving relaunch, due to theme switch and migration of all previous text and images, resulting in relevant user-visits and conversion, strengthening the brand and delivering ROI.

Client Details

Client: La Rome de Julie

Category: SannyMedia

Website: laromedejulie.com


Julie Squadrelli
Julie is one of our brightest and most creative clients. She communicates fluently, coherently and goes into every detail of how she wants her website to come out. Looking from internal and external perspectives, she is acquainted with ideas on how to enlarge her target market by optimizing her own website.

Julie’s extensive experience in guided tours has been showcased on her website. She was able to implement the concept and design of a beautifully tailored tour to match her clients’ needs and make for an attractive and state-of-the-art travel and tour website. Her overwhelming passion and determination made numerous numbers of people trust her for their tour-of-a-lifetime.


With the introduction of mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, websites that were designed for higher-resolution screens such as desktop applications, did not only stop being user-friendly, but they also lacked readability, which is a necessity for good UX (user experience). Due to the decreased UX, the Google search engine started to penalize websites that were not yet responsive, and priorly well-ranked websites would be downranked, if not updated and relaunched accordingly. Hence Julie’s website like many others at that time needed to adapt to Google’s new algorithms, in particular, the “Mobilegeddon” update, which changed the face of the internet. A great website yet with no visitors is a deal breaker for us.


Search Engine Optimization is at the heart of every website we develop. Whether it is a thorough SEO analysis, the SEO training with Julie prior to content creation, her implementation of concepts such as keyword research and user intent, the development of a responsive website with improved page speed thanks to performance optimization or increased backlinks thanks to social media channels, all of these measures govern the success of a successful SEO strategy. Attracting relevant users to her website plays a key role in Julie’s conversion growth and has been her USP among countless other Roman tour guides. An improvement in her reviews on TripAdvisor is a testimony to her success.
With competence in areas ranging from conceptual design through web development over to photography, usability testing, SEO and overall social media consultancy services, SannyMedia caters to the mid-sized company with limited resources in these fields of expertise.

Offering a one-stop-shop service to clients has always been the philosophy of the agency; with the complexity of today’s digital environments and the fast pace of change in technology and social media, providing a customer with a full range of services in simple terms has never been more critical.

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