Scope: Website launch of the brand Mike & Becky

Features: Responsive one-page online business presentation with elements such as animated slider, image mosaic, image gallery and horizontal history slider, Google maps integration and contact form.

Complexities: Technical setup of a not-yet visible multi-lingual setup with e-commerce system, a store finder, a press-release area all quietly in the background and to be launched very soon.

Benefits: Cost saving quick launch of a 1.0 version, with post-launch training for the cost-effective development of the 2.0 version.

Client Details

Client: Mike & Becky

Category: SannyMedia

Website: mikeandbecky.be


Julia Mikerova & Björn Becker
With competence in areas ranging from conceptual design through web development over to photography, usability testing, SEO and overall social media consultancy services, SannyMedia caters to the mid-sized company with limited resources in these fields of expertise.

Offering a one-stop-shop service to clients has always been the philosophy of the agency; with the complexity of today’s digital environments and the fast pace of change in technology and social media, providing a customer with a full range of services in simple terms has never been more critical.

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