Scope: Second rebranding and website relaunch of the brand Roman Vacation and Rzymskie Wakacje, while ensuring the takeover of previous website content.

Features: Responsive multi-page online business presentation with multilingual function in Polish and English and elements such as animated slider, counters, mosaic services, category tour pages with filters, custom tour pages with Google maps integration and image gallery, blog integration, and testimonials.

Complexities: Technical setup of a multi-lingual plugin ensuring compatibility with the integration of other modules, branding and domain switch per domain, clean-up of previously used takeover and integration of the existing texts and image database.

Client benefits: Cost saving relaunch, due to theme switch and re-usage of text and images, time saving submission form for testimonial review before publication.

Client Details

Client: Roman Vacation

Category: SannyMedia

Website: roman-vacation.com


Jowita Ludwikiewicz
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