WordPress Beginners training over a period of 3 months with 24 sessions.

Outcome: Responsive one-page online business presentation with animated slider, advance contact form and project presentation.

Acquired skill-set: technical setup of web servers & CMS + troubleshooting

Future benefits: cost saving & technical control

Student Details

Student: SteveB2B

Category: SanazGroup

Website: steveb2b.com


Stefan Bongartz
Steve is one of our pioneers in creating ideas and building his own website from scratch. With a strong desire to support businesses and get things done in the B2B sector, he has proven himself fitted to be in the program by working hard and smart to launch his steveb2b.com website in 2022.

His expertise around Digital Marketing, Sales, Digital Transformation and Internal Communication, has made it easier for him to curate his own content and designs. We used his remarkable knowledge and passion to conceptualize the requirements of a user-friendly website for a wide target group. His strategy, which is laid out on his website, is straightforward and can be adapted to local to foreign markets.

Steve took advantage of our training by extracting the essential information for his business while reactivating his previous skills as an IT administrator.

Steve’s website is inspiring in a way that he is able to implement what he learnt from the program and expresses unlimited opportunities for digital and concrete solutions. While working with Steve, we have come to know that once he sets his mind on one thing, he will see it till completion.

Acquired skill-set

Steve used some of his previously acquired skills in the field of domain & hosting to accelerate his progress. He then acquired profound knowledge to cover all technical requirements for a successful WordPress installation and gained an overall understanding of the digital world wide web with topics such as static HTML vs. dynamic CMS websites, database & FTP account creation, mail/web server settings, and troubleshooting error messages.

Future benefits

Steve is already working on an expansion of his business from B2B to B2C to cater his services to the new and local customer group. He has gained full control of his holistic business from finances, resources and now the functionalities of his digital assets. His invaluable technical knowledge has equipped him for the future of digital marketing.
At SanazGroup, we are not just selling digital services to clients but giving them full control of their digital assets. We show our clients the limitless possibilities of what they can do with code and providing them with resources to support them. Furthermore, enabling them to use their problem-solving skills.

We believe that you can go beyond what you can imagine. Use your time to your advantage and it will accelerate your learning process, broaden your knowledge, and expand your imagination.

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