WordPress Beginners training over a period of 3 months with 24 sessions.

Outcome: Responsive multi-page online business presentation with animated slider, class & calendar integration and retreat presentation.

Acquired skill-set: technical setup and maintenance of the CMS WordPress

Future benefits: cost saving & technical control

Student Details

Student: Yogabliss

Category: LadyCoaching

Website: yogabliss.be


Katerina Koronaki
Katerina is one of our Lady Coaching pioneers. With a basic understanding of content management and a profound background in marketing, she was perfectly fitted for this program and took this opportunity to relaunch her yoga business website.

Taking control over her entire website’s content and design aspects was her priority, as she was planning on updating her website with all her regular yoga retreat events, yoga classes, and other information around her growing business.

She wanted to switch from the previously setup Adobe Muse system to a more flexible and expandable CMS, with expansion possibilities and additional functionalities, such as responsive design or multilingual modules to extend her business to foreign markets. Katerina’s Yogabliss website is a great example for entrepreneurs, who seek autonomy and have a spirit of learning.

Acquired skill-set

Katerina acquired profound knowledge to cover all technical requirements for a successful WordPress installation and gained an overall understanding of topics such as static HTML vs. dynamic CMS websites, domain & hosting, database & FTP account creation. She learned how to choose, install, and configure a theme for WordPress, how to setup and change the navigation structure, and how to insert text and images into her website.

Future benefits

For Katerina, this training had immense cost and convenience benefits, as she does not need to call anybody for changes and has complete technical control. In the meantime, Katerina has become a mother of 2, moved from Brussels back to Greece, but kept her business alive and grew it into a new customer group in Chalkida. She is working on a Greek version of the website to extend her website services to the new and local customer group.
Selling web & graphic design services to clients is a great source of inspiration but teaching clients the science of these services and empowering them to take on these challenges themselves, is an even greater inspiration and creates bonds that go beyond a project’s life cycle.

We at SanazGroup create bonds for a lifetime and are proud to see the seed growing into a flower, a tree and ultimately a forest!

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